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Weetwood Moor

Weetwood Moor 28/10/17

Prehistoric rock carvings that can be found on Weetwood Moor

Wild Cattle


The Chillingham Bull

One of Bewick’s most well known prints is of a Chillingham wild bull. The Chillingham cattle have been living wild for several hundred years and on the 26th of October I visited Chillingham Park to see the animals, photograph and draw them.



Looking at the wild bull of Chillingham

We were escorted through the fields by a warden who warned us about not moving too fast or making too much noise.


Portrait of the artist as a wild bull

Whittle Dene

Church with trees, 14/09/17


The artist slips over on a muddy riverbank, 15/09/17


Men with sticks, 25/09/17


Fishing in the Tyne

Rope swings on the Tyne and discarded towel

The Knotted Trees of Whittle Dene

Cow in mud


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