Photo of bedroom at Cherryburn

I will make a series of miniature paintings to be exhibited in the bedroom at Cherryburn. The dividing wall is made of wooden planks, supported by a grid of heavier timber on the bedroom side. The niches created by this timber will be the spaces in which the paintings will be hung.


The scale of my new paintings will be appropriate to the scale of Cherryburn and as visual utterances will echo the prints of Bewick. They will develop some of the concerns of previous works that examined images of the natural world and their diverse forms.


The Hanging Swing, oil on panel, 16x12cm

The first painting is a view of the Tyne river from Eltringham Wood and the only thing that I’ve added is the rope swing hanging from the tree.


This Stone, oil on panel, 9x25cm

In the studio

You can see the painting below this text half finished on the work table, in the background is the rear end of Bernard, a life-sized painting of a Suffolk Punch horse.


Two Trees, oil on panel, 21×19.5cm

PWF in Happy Valley, oil on panel, 20x18cm

Site, oil on panel, 9x22cm

The House on the Tyne, oil on panel, 12x19cm

Shed, oil on panel, 9×14.5cm

Weetwood Moor, oil on panel, 12x14cm

Vaulting Man, oil on panel, 10x12cm